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A Greenery Space for Yurin

This proposal was produced during a one-week intensive workshop


Yurin is an area of Kyoto that is currently going through rapid and intensive transformations: the blocks are densifying vertically with tall new buildings. This means that landlords demolish traditional "machiya" buildings that the city is known for. A parking lot will replace the "machiya" while they wait for the new building permits. Some empty lots are left vacant because the project has not started yet..


We see these lots as areas for opportunities in the city to install a temporary project.


Informed by interviews we conducted with locals in the neighborhood, we discovered their need for green public space to meet, play, study, or eat a bento. We therefore use these moments of empty lots to insert ephemeral installations of public space that is also a vertical garden. These metal structures are modular, and are positioned above the parking spots. Both the land owner and the local people find what they needed.

FRAMEWORK Kyodai and ENSAPLV Greenery in the City Workshop

DATE 02/2019

CONTEXT Kyoto, Japan

WITH Cécile Boulogne, Denis Leduc, Isabele Koyama, Ryo Tanaka, Yudai Tanaka and Iribe Takashi

Visit of the lots left empty after traditional machiya are demolished.

Interviews with locals.

The study area was a neighborhood that centers around the local shrine, or "jinja".

We mapped out where these empty lots of opportunity are located in this study area.

Reuniting the data collected on site.

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