cm-c Chloé Macary-Carney
Research in Yangon

We spent a month in Yangon, Burma to study the city and everyday life. We conducted interviews and spent weeks sketching how people occupy space, whether it be in their homes or in public spaces.


This research focused on the Ahlone district of Yangon that later inspired the final master's diploma project, such as the Ahlone market, or the train station of Shan Lan. Speculation is densifying the city so quickly that the infrastructure doesn’t have time to be fully thought out, so the developers try to apply western models to the tropical city. T


The country has rapidly opened its borders to other countries who are investing in big projects that destroy historical buildings once built according to the local tropical climate, with local materials and craftsmanship. Today, these buildings are being replaced with tall condominium towers.


Many inhabitants live in government housing but their living conditions are not adequate so they will often build additions or fix their homes on their own.


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FRAMEWORK ENSAPLV The Tropical Condition master 2 class of Olivier Bouheron, Christiane Blancot and Camille Rouault

DATE 02/2018

CONTEXT Yangon, Burma

WITH Enora Yang

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