cm-c Chloé Macary-Carney
The White Stain

After visiting Saujon, we discovered the lack of collaborative decision-making between the different political and economic powers of Saujon. The church, the market and the thermal baths were three very important elements that were close to one another, but there were not many pedestrians. This city center was empty but packed with empty parking spots. The church square is also used by parked cars instead of pedestrians.


Our intervention reactivates the urban landscape of Saujon without changing the current ways locals dwell in these spaces by offering a simple and coherent intervention in the form of a white stain that defines the commercial zone where the monthly farmer's market that Saujon is known for, happens. We create a waling route in this public space to distinguish the pedestrian areas from the car areas with a new white ground, an artistic yet urban intervention.


The covered market is a part of this white stain path. We rehabilitate this market,converting it into an open public space open day and night. The white stain serves as a stage for community activity since the architecture is already there, but the people just need a space for community.


FRAMEWORK ENSAPLV Fréderic Martinet and Phillippe Guiony's studio

DATE 07/2016


WITH Aglae Dubois

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