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The Woman Workshop

We designed and tutored the two-week Woman Workshop with the goal being to study how spaces and the field of architecture may be gendered.


Together, we built a nomad safe space for discussing this topic, inspired by Red Tents. This modular and composite structure adapts to different environments and types of speech or discussion. As a form of protest, by occupying different spaces in the Alpine territory, the cave questions the status of women's presence in spaces that are too often dominated by men. We changed location 5 times during the two weeks.


Each participant then developed their own research project which informed our discussions, and vice-versa.


This workshop allowed us to lay the foundations of our Woman Cave collective. We are currently working on a publication bringing together this research, with contributions from more than 20 artists and researchers from around the globe.


The Woman cave was proposed for the Festival for Creative Urban Living, and won an honorable mention.



WITH Urska Malic, Léticia Chanliau, and the participants Belen Fé, Cléo Hesse, Boban Zivanovic, Daniela Salamanca, Pamela Cam and Sandra Cvijetic.

CONTEXT Villars-Sur-Ollon, Switzerland

DATE 07-08/2019

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