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The Next Step

The Next Step is a staircase to Nida's sand dunes, but it is also a public space and a thinking space.


We designed this workshop framework to pool ideas surrounding Nida's conservationist identity issues. This was a space where change could happen: the municipality needed a stair to protect the sand from the dunes falling down the hill but this space was stuck under many different layers of bureaucracy. So as to better read these landscapes of regulation, we set a grid on the site, that could be indefinitely continued in any direction.


Artists and workshops were invited to contribute to the staircase by making a square as an architecture or artistic snapshot of a potential future for Nida. Field trips and discussion with locals informed the participants designs : a tour of the local cemetery, a tour of the history museum, and discussions with locals.  Each square is its own space, with a landscape and neighbors to respond to and dialogue with. This square therefore becomes an approachable space for one individual to touch on the conservation issues.


This grid is process born, and does not have the obligation of being apparent in the final design. The grid is the thinking space, laid into the plan.


The staircase is made of 16 1mx1m squares designed and built by designers of more than 10 different nationalities.

Information about each square can be found here.


FRAMEWORK EASA ‘Not Yet Decided’

DATE 08/2016


CONTEXT Nida, Lithuania

WITH Louis Koseda, Dora Dixon and 16 participants

The site of our workshop was stuck under layers of different conservation authorities. These layers inhibit creativity and block Nida from moving forward.

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