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The Spotlight Workshop

This two-week workshop was an opportunity to question the current state of architecture in Rijeka in leading up to 2020 when Rijeka would be Europe's Capital of Culture.


We used anamorphosis to put a spotlight on the disused spaces of this post-industrial city, giving these abandoned spaces new value. An anamorphosis is an optical artifice that relies on perspective, it forces the viewer to question the space and their perception of it.


The intention was not to participate in "ruin-porn" but to actually question and study the status of these spaces. We focused on the abandoned Hartera paper factory, where we discovered that these unused spaces were actually being used and valued by the underground culture. Our participants discovered the value of leaving open plots of opportunity in cities for new cultures to emerge.


To highlight the features of this space, the participants created three interventions : the line, the art and the squares. These interventions are still there today.


The participants were invited to create their own designs inspired by local culture. We organized field-trips to the history museum, the castle of Rijeka and we organized a hike. These outings informed their designs and discussions.


More information can be found here.


Published in Tristotrojka.


FRAMEWORK Re:Easa 2018

DATE 08/2018

CONTEXT Rijeka, Croatia

WITH Clothilde Josseran, Alexander Mehren, Perrine CR and participants.

We had the participants draw out a map of the Hartera paper factory. This map served as a tool for the team to plan out where they wanted their designs to be placed. The spent time discussing and sketching out ideas with this map.

Creating the anamorphosis required different techniques according to each design. Here, participants held a rope so that one person would guide another to tape out a line onto the building, according to this rope which served as a guide, like a ruler in 3D.

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