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The Postcard Society

Today, Villars-Sur-Ollon is a tourist destination. It is home to local people who have seen their culture slowly fade away as the tourist office focuses on increasing profits(no library for the children in summer, no local cinema...). We propose to create a new sports and culture center that connects the seasonal tourists with the year-round locals with a new blank postcard of Villars. We want to focus on this most basic human need of community and kinship. Without this, there is no culture, there is no history or continuation of time.


This new 6 meter wide, 130 meter long postcard for the “Kodak moment”, turns the existing problematic ice rink into a plein-air museum inspired by the romantic explorers who used to come find inspiration in the Alps. The building is emphasized through the frame and the background like a postcard. The postcard is a new library with zenithal lighting, an exhibition space for contemporary artists, a café space, an open-air cinema, and a vertical parking lot made efficient with the use of a vertical rotary car parking system.


This mise-en-abime of the new contemporary cultural in the landscape that is often published on postcards, creates a new community that is capable of breaking this picturesque, romantic mold, to create new contemporary culture and relationships.


FRAMEWORK Competition for Ideas : Villars Ice Skating Rink

DATE 08/2019

CONTEXT Villars-Sur-Ollon, Switzerland

WITH Urska Malic

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