cm-c Chloé Macary-Carney
The Transparent Earth

As a response to the densification of New York City hence creating more waste, we questioned the role of architecture in light of the urgent issues concerning climate and economy.


We proposed to produce architecture using waste as resource by creating a gathering place for 50 people, made of earth provided by the New York City Clean Soil Bank, a no-cost soil exchange program operated by the NYC office of Environmental Remediation.


The pavilion would be made of bricks from the wasted soil of NYC construction sites, hence reversing the situation by using waste produced by buildings.


The pavilion of 5.2 meters tall and 10 meters wide would offer an intimate space for classes or events, protected from weather and open to the park with a transparent facade. Bricks may seem heavy and monolithic but we propose to create a transparent pattern. This transparency allows people in the space to be fully present during performances, while those outside may enjoy it all the same.


The oculus of the roof allows a center rainfall to come in when weather permits, creating a connection between earth and sky.


The bricks will be made by hand using a mold structure. After the event, the pavilion would be deconstructed and reused to make benches and tables for local public schools.


FRAMEWORK City of Dreams 2020 Pavilion Call

DATE 09/2019

CONTEXT Lighthouse Park, Roosevelt Island, NYC, USA

WITH Urska Malic

© 2020 Chloé Macary-Carney