cm-c Chloé Macary-Carney
The Olivia Set

The Olivia set is a two-piece set of micro-architectures designes for a private client in a Parisian apartment, composed of an entry-way shoe rack with bench and a closet shelf and hanging rack structure.


The furniture is designed with a wooden dowel joinery detail which creates a firm structure without the use of screws.


The entrance-way structure is designed to allow for the visitor or inhabitant to sit down and comfortable take off shoes before entering the apartment. The structure is slim and long so as to take up the least amount of space possible in the already narrow hallway.


The closet structure takes into consideration the already-present electric box, wires and pipes of the building that prevented the installation of a prefabricated, industrial shelving unit. This structure proposes to make use of the small closet with drawers and hanging space.

FRAMEWORK Private Client

DATE 10/2020


WITH THE HELP OF atelier Flamme

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