cm-c Chloé Macary-Carney
The Sprouting Clock

The Sprouting Clock is an ephemeral, modular garden where the passage of time is made visible not only with a mechanical structure, but also through the growth of sprouts.


It may seem abstract, but it is indeed a vegetable clock.

Its form and concept is as much an object of contemplation as of discussion, as an educational tool.


A clock-hand connected to a water tank marks the minutes by releasing small droplets of water for the growth of sprouts. Thus, the spectator becomes a gardener and contemplates the passage of time while watching the seeds grow.


This ephemeral installation also welcomes the visitor; the plants grow on bales of straw which double as seating. It is a moment for reflecting on our relationship with the world.

FRAMEWORK Competition «Festival des Architecture Vives» 2020

DATE 12/2019

CONTEXT Montpellier,FR

WITH Woman Cave Collective ( Urska Malic, Léticia Chanliau )

© 2020 Chloé Macary-Carney