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This shelf was a project done during an internship spent at 403 architecture [dajiba] in Hamamatsu, Japan. The office had been using a corner space already built into the space as a place for stocking working materials. This shelf corner was not adapted though to these objects and there dimensions. The project started with a list of objects needing a place to be stored, and the question of how to react to the structure that was already present. How to build into this structure? The final proposal was to create a structure that would not rely on the walls but only on the ceiling and the floor. We built into this room corner a shelf system adapted to the rather big dimensions of different objects. There is also a shoe shelf area adapted to the size of shoes. The shelf levels follow the heights of the structure that was already existing. In this way we conserve the structure that was already present all the while adding in levels that are more adapted to the objects that need their space. Shelf corner space before project.
More information on 403 [dajiba] here.