Chloé Macary-Carney cm-c
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I am a French-American architect, designer and visual artist. I studied my bachelor’s and master’s in architecture at the Ecole National Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris La Villette in Paris France. During my master’s I had the opportunity to study for a year abroad at Kyushu University’s design school. This experience abroad in Japan greatly influenced my work. My practice is focused on context -- local stories and histories told by local people, their daily lives, their postures -- and social justice, particularly inspired by feminism and environmental issues. My work is at the crossroads of architecture, installation and visual art. The work is informed by research and contact with local people, through the form of interviews or workshops. My work uses architecture as a tool for creating social change and rethinking our economic and political systems through the use of storytelling. During my studies, I developed an interest in experimental methods of architecture. My practice is informed by context. Before proposing a final project, I visit the site, conduct interviews and observe through drawings. This method is inspired by Wajiro Kon, the father of modernology who studied how Tokyo was transforming at the beginning of the Showa era, through drawing. Studying the context before creating a final project allows me to delve into the history of the place and create a story into which the project is injected at the end. In this way, I consider the before and the after of my intervention so that the proposal is sustainable and in touch with reality. My work is considerate of the cycle of the materials employed. I focus on using natural or previously employed or used materials. The reasoning behind this is that we need to see waste as a resource and create a circular economy. This consideration for the life of the materials used before and after the project is also considered in the story told by the project. It is my hope that a practice that respects context, history and the environment, can inspire positive change in our society.