ChloƩ Macary-Carney cm-c
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This model was produced in the framework of "The Tropical Condition", studio led by Olivier Boucheron, Christiane Blancot and Camille Roualt between September 2017 and July 2018. Before embarking for a month-long trip to Yangon to study how people live daily life, I studied how people live from a distance, through the construction of a model. This model is the reproduction of a store that still stands in Yangon today. It was built according to the drawings I received from previous students who had been there. The construction of this model was a way to understand how the structure was composed and how people use space in Yangon. On Kanan Road in Pazundaung, a neighborhood in the South-East of Yangon, U Aung Min has a bamboo store, built by his grandfather around 1986. The store is at a crossroads and has an extension on the other side of the street. This situation allows the family to move the large bamboo pieces with ease. The whole structure is designed to let air flow freely in the hot humid air all the while protecting the bamboo from the tropical rain.