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Cattenom : The Destiny was a collaboration with Margerie Goudjo. This project was developed in a bachelor art class at ENSAPLV and was presented as part of an exhibition at La Gare in Paris in June of 2016. Cattenom : The Destiny is a board game that shines a light of the topic of nuclear plants in France. The game is named after the Cattenom nuclear plant, active since 1986 and actually being fixed to prolong its duration so that it keeps working util 2025. Luxembourg and the Sarre want this nuclear plant to close because if there were to be a nuclear disaster, not only France, but also Luxembourg and Germany would be affected. The cover of our game shows a map of France with, in black, the territories that are in PPI areas, meaning areas where measures meant to protect people, goods and the environment in the case of a nuclear accident, are in place. These PPI zones of French nuclear plants touch other countries as well. Our game therefore wishes to speak of this question of nuclear plants in France and the relationship this creates with France's neighbors.