ChloƩ Macary-Carney cm-c
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This exhibition was a made in collaboration with Claire Plantier. Each artist produced a series of drawings, on display for four weeks at Paul et Rimbaud, Paris, France. Pa-Ha, as in Paris-Hamamatsu. This is to say, the Paris of Claire Plantier and the Hamamatsu of ChloƩ Macary-Carney. These two series of drawings are born from the observation of the city and end up telling two stories. In Paris, the decor melts until it even dissapears. Explosions, substances that invade the landscape, facades that fly in pieces. All this contributes to imagine the daily Parisian life of Claire. A reality of the city. Nothing cute. In Hamamatsu, we have the time to observe the city, to taste its flavors and to wait for the next train. This calm tells the story of an industrial city that has lost its effervescence. Although the street may be silent, the facades are the remains of a long story. . .