Chloé Macary-Carney cm-c
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 Re-Habitat, A Roof for Everyone is a collaborative proposal designed with Urska Malic, for Volume Zero's 2018 RE SCHOOL architecture competition. The project received honorable mention. The proposal is situated in the Ahlone district of Yangon, Burma (Myanmar), in an area of port-side land where people are occupying government land where their ancestor's were housed for free. This population does not have access to the city's water and electric infrastructures and many of the children cannot afford to go to school. We wanted to propose a school not only for the children, but for the community. A place where the children could learn practical knowledge while also creating an income for the community through farming and making. Through these activities, the children can apply what they learn in school. The basic construction of the school and also community space is made up of two bamboo grids of varying spans and heights. They are placed one above the other to create spaces of two heights while at the same time containing among them another space of a third height that is intended only for children. The grids enable an almost organic spread of space around the main atrium. The heights of spaces are in line with the school programme; the multi-purpose hall, the lobby, the dining area and the kitchen are higher whereas the toilets are lower. Each classroom has a higher, open part for play and a lower space underneath it. The idea of the open plan provides children with a looped path throughout the school. The building is floor level apart from the terraces created by the double roof. During the school after hours the space is intended for the community where they can learn practical things such as cooking, sewing, agriculture and meditation. We believe that play and creativity are the most important things for children (age 5 – 11). The idea is that through imagination children learn practicality. This is why there is an open space within the building which can be enclosed by transparent curtains during lessons. The learning space is lined by library shelves with thematic books – spaces for maths, play, music, languages, theatre, cooking and other topics.