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The Next Step is a staircase to Nida’s sand dunes co-design and co-tutored with Louis Koseda, Dora Dixon and the group of participants during the European Assembly of Student Architects in 2016 in which Europe’s brightest young minds put their heads together and discuss how to tackle the difficult conservation is- sues that Nida faces. We designed this workshop framework to pool ideas surrounding Nida’s conservationist identity issues. Artists and workshops are invited to contribute to the staircase by making a square as an architectural or artistic snapshot of a potential future for Nida. Currently the staircase contains 16 squares with designers from over ten nationalities. The aim is to expand the stairs over time as more artists contribute. Each section is unashamedly theoretical to promote and provoke a dialogue, the question being : what is the next step? We managed to find a space where change in Nida can happen: the municipality needs a stair to protect the sand from the dunes falling down the hill. Nonetheless, this space for change presents itself through different layers of bureaucracy: forest authority, fire authority, UNESCO, local community, etc. So as to better read these landscapes of regulation, we set a grid on the site of the alternative route to the dunes. This 1m20 x 1m20 square grid is three squares large, and can be indefinitely continued on in any direction one may choose. Each square therefore becomes its own small space, with a landscape and neighbors to respond to and dialogue with. This square therefore becomes an approachable space for one individual to touch on the questions concerning the different layers of Nida. This grid isprocess born, and does not have the obligation of being apparent in the final design, for any individual can use any number of squares. The grid is the thinking space, laid into the plan. It is hoped insights will provide a toolbox of good ideas for the municipality to use and expand into further and wider discussion. THE NEXT STEP
More information can be found here. Drawings by Louis Koseda Drawing by Louis Koseda