Chloé Macary-Carney cm-c
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 The Woman Cave for Milton Keynes is a proposal for Raumlaborberlin's open call held in early 2019 for the new Festival of Creative Urban Living, or AFCUL, held in Milton Keynes in the summer with the theme " The Built, the Unbuilt and the Unbuildable". This proposal received special mention from the jury . Jury's comment : "Spaces are gendered, the role of design, the balance of power - this strong proposal evoked strong debate amongst Jury members. " The woman cave applies to all three concepts of the Festival of Creative Urban Living. It considers the built as it proposes a new way to occupy and use public spaces that may become obsolete once the pedestrian zone is activated. By occupying these obsolete spaces, the cave asks in a very direct and visible way if women have their place in this type of space, if women can occupy spaces just as men can. We see obsolete, public, empty space as opportunity. This is a new infrastructure for social change. The women cave considers the unbuilt as it is a flexible, nomadic, temporary space that invites people to stay, meet and interact. The cave wishes to unite and to protect and hold a nurturing space for discussion, debate and release. People will find strength from this cave as they release their thoughts, leave them in the space, and walk out into city space, liberated. Finally, the cave considers the unbuildable and is designed as a tool for creating a future where space welcomes all genders, colors, ages, and physical/mental capabilities. This utopian future is inspired by Alain De Botton’s School of Life teachings that strive for a communicative society that acknowledges the importance of teaching techniques and methods for treating one another in healthy ways. We imagine a society that can speak of the female and male body, no longer with stigma and awkwardness but with respect and understanding. The Woman Cave is a temporary, nomad, experimental, open and public structure that facilitates the inclusion of people while hinting at the past, the present and creating a brighter future.